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Supplier(Service Commitment Unit): Wuxi Zhouxiang Complete Set of Welding Equipment Co., Ltd.


Product Manufacturing, Check and Acceptance Standard
The product of our company can be manufactured and inspected according to the signed technical agreement by supplier and purchaser.

Delivery Date and Related Issuers
Pre-sale Service

1. We can provide the latest industry developing information. Meanwhile, we can also provide purchaser the information about factory graphic design, product selection, product introduction, process layout and the information about other aspects.
2. The technicians of our company would communicate with customers actively to get acquaintance with the needs of customers and then put forward the solutions.
3. During the period of pre-sale and in-sale, the sales department has the responsibility of introducing the product to customers through all the available ways such as the advertisement and product sample, answering and recording the questions of customer.
4. If necessary, we can provide the actual implementation progress of the deal to customer, including the coordination between the related departments of our company and customers about the changes of product requirements.

In-sale Service
1. After the agreement coming into force, the supplier provide the purchaser basic installation diagram of the equipment, requirement introduction for water, electricity and gas supply and the drawing of parts produced by purchaser within 7 days since the supplier receives the advance payment from purchaser.
2. The materials supplied with the equipment include operating instruction, electrical circuit drawing, pneumatic and hydraulic plans, equipment qualification certificate and commercial invoice.
3. After the economic contract coming into force, the supplier provides the basic drawings of all equipment to purchaser. The purchaser should prepare to provide personnel, needed device and some living support for supplier. The supplier is responsible for technical guidance, consulting, equipment debugging and staff training for purchaser. The detail for training part is presented in the end part of the letter.
4. Within two months since the delivery of the goods, both parties involved must handle the acceptance and hand-over procedure. If the equipment had been put into usage before handling the procedure, the condition can be regarded as that both two parties involved agree acceptance of the equipment.
5. After the installation of equipment, the purchaser cannot operate the equipment or start the trial production without the permission of supplier before the acceptance procedure being handled. If that condition happens, the supplier has the right to regard as that the equipment for purchaser is qualified and accepted by purchaser. Then the purchaser should pay to supplier according to the contract unconditionally. If the purchaser doesn't perform the payment, the place of contract performance is the site of supplier.

After-sales Service
1. All the equipment is transported by automobiles. The details are referring to the contract. The purchaser should take charge of the freight.
2. The supplier has the responsibility to provide one package after-sales service including equipment hoisting, equipment package, loading the equipment on truck and fastening up for free to assure the equipment being transporting to the appointed place.
3. The supplier provides the paid service of transporting the equipment to the appointed place for purchaser.
4. Supplier should designate the qualified and professional technician for purchaser to carry out the assigned-spot guidance such as installation and debugging of the equipment for free to assure the installation quality. The purchaser needs to cooperate with the technician in needed people and material resources.
5. If the equipment has some quality problem within one year's warranty since the delivery date of the equipment, the supplier takes charges of the maintenance cost. If the damage is caused by incorrect operation or other factors unrelated to the fault of the equipment, the equipment can not be maintained for free. The easy-damaged parts are not in the rank of free maintenance. There is a detailed list for easy-damaged parts in product introduction.
6. The after-sales service department of supplier should have response to purchaser within 8 hours when receiving the maintenance notice from the purchaser and organize the related service staff providing the maintenance service immediately. If there is force majeure factor, the service department should notice and coordinate with the purchaser.
7. After one year's warranty, if there is problem the purchaser cannot solve, the supplier sends the maintenance staff to provide supporting. Supplier only charges the cost for the spare parts, hotel expense and fare of maintenance staff. The cost for service, examine and repair is free. The supplier guarantees to provide high quality and low price spare parts and easy-damaged parts and the best service out of the warranty period for purchaser for long term.
8. The supplier would record the detailed information of customers who purchase the products of our company. The information includes customers' name, address, contact person, telephone, e-mail, the specifications and quantity of the ordered products and the feedback for the equipment of our company. Then the supplier can get knowledge of the needs of customer to get ready for new round service for customer.

The Introduction for Training Plan
The H-beam steel production line involves in many kinds of equipment. The professional knowledge is needed to be proficient in operating the equipment. The purchaser should assure the equipment operated by specially-assigned person with special purpose. The purchaser can dispatch the technician to the unit of supplier to achieve situated learning and training during the period of supplier assembling the production line. The supplier can provide the related technical training to the operator of purchaser.

The contents of training include mechanical structure principle, electric principle and operation guidance. The trainer for the first two parts is technical engineer of supplier and the training place is provided by supplier. The trainer for operation guidance is the debugging staff of supplier and the operation site is provided by purchaser.

The Items Related to Installation, Debugging and Acceptance Check
1. Before debugging the equipment, the purchaser should get ready for the basic preparation and provide the needed device for water supply, electricity supply, gas supply and crane.
2. The purchaser needs to cooperate with the technician from the supplier to accomplish the installation and debugging work by giving people and material support.
3. The supplier must provide high quality installation and debugging service. After finishing the above-mentioned work, the after-sales service department of Wuxi Zhouxiang Complete Set of Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. prepares the completion instruction. The purchaser carries out the acceptance and check for equipment acceding to the technical agreement for both parties and the specifications for whole equipment checking. If the purchaser doesn't achieve the acceptance and check for the ordered equipment within 3 days since receiving the completion instruction and doesn't propose the written agreement, then the supplier has the right to regard as the purchaser has already finished the installation and debugging for the equipment.
4. Telephone number for after-sales service: +0086-0510-88793468/+86-13665175251
Fax: +86-510-88791142
Supervision hotline: +86-13093088788
5. This after-sales service commitment letter is done in duplicate. It comes into force after signed by the representatives of both parties. As the supplement of the attachment of the contract, the after-sales service commitment letter has the same legal effect.

Representative of Supplier:Representative of Purchaser:

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