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  • Large Format Laser Cutting MachineCompared with ordinary laser processing, the large format laser cutting machine is designed to cut the material with the area larger than 1m×1m, and the power of the laser cutting machine is greater than 500W. The focused laser beam forms light spot with small diameter, which allows for narrow cutting seam on work piece. The advanced processing model of no touching ...
  • Medium Format Laser Cutting MachineThe medium format laser cutting machine is the high-tech equipment integrated with laser technology, CNC technology and intensive mechanical technology. With no need for laser gas and the air being available as assistant gas, the cutting cost of the equipment is very low. But the cutting quality is very high, which features narrow cutting seam, high quality of cutting edge, small deformation, smooth and nice cutting surface.
  • YAG Laser Cutting MachineTaking use of automatic focus tracking apparatus made in China, the YAG laser cutting machine of our company can overcome the problem of uneven surface of work piece to ensure the best cutting quality. It performs stable in electrical and optical property. The YAG laser and pulse laser power supply are developed and researched by our company independently.
  • Laser Steel Pipe/Board Cutting MachineBy using imported servo motor and oriented transmission mechanism, the laser steel pipe/board cutting machine can guarantee high cutting accuracy. It features fast cutting speed, high cutting efficiency, low cost, safe operation and stable performance. The laser cutting machine has installed the application software which allows for designing various kinds of figures and characters arbitrarily and can achieve real-time and flexible processing.
  • High Power CO2 Laser Cutting MachineThe high power CO2 laser cutting machine is equipped with high power CO2 fast axial flow laser and designed with flight light path, which guarantees optimum power output. The precision capacitive non-contact height tracking system allows for quick reaction and high positioning accuracy. Meanwhile, the undulating work piece surface won't be a problem again by using the height tracking system. The cutting quality can also be achieved the best.
  • CO2 Axial Flow Laser Cutting MachineDesigned with gantry structure and driven by Panasonic servo motor, the CO2 axial flow laser cutting machine adopts high power CO2 fast axial flow laser and comes with flight light path, which can guarantee to get the optimum power output. Equipped with precision capacitive non-contact height tracking system, this kind of laser cutting machine can eliminate the effect caused by the unvenness work piece surface.
  • Fiber Laser CutterAs the highest efficiency laser cutting machine, the fiber laser cutter specializes in cutting thin plate. The machine has installed capacitive non-contact height tracking system which can allow for high positioning accuracy and overcome the influence caused by undulating work piece surface to get the best cutting quality. The cost for operating the machine is low and the light path doesn't need maintenance.
  • Fiber Laser Welding MachineThe fiber laser welding machine features high efficiency and can achieve high speed welding. With compacted structure, it employs imported robot system, which can realize the functions of spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding and the arbitrary space curve welding. By taking usage of advanced fiber laser, the light path is stable and free from maintenance.
  • Gantry CO2 Laser Cutting MachineThe self-developed U axis optical path compensation system ensures the constant beam diameter in processing area, bringing high consistency of cutting quality.
    The efficient positive pressure dedusting system keeps the lens from dust.
    This range of CO2 laser cutting equipment features the high speed perforation functions.
  • CO2 Laser Cutting Machine with CantileverThe single-side drive system eliminates the error caused by desynchronized operation of two sides. Thus, the cutting equipment can avoid the vibration of the beam, which enhances cutting quality.
    The machine supports material loading from three directions. Also it can be optionally equipped with imported pipe cutting tools to ensure efficient pipe and plate processing.
  • CO2 Laser GeneratorInstead of roots pump, the product utilizes turbine which is gas-saving, quiet, oil-tight and clean. Also, this design generates less vibration, so that the working life of the lens is extended.
    The product features simple structure, high reliability, easy maintenance and low operating cost.
    The CO2 laser generator adopts micro-computer or PLC control circuits, which greatly enhances ...
  • Fiber Laser GeneratorThe fiber laser generator offers power range options including 500W, 1000W, 2000W, and 4000W.
    The high power level provides fiber laser cutting machines with fine beam quality.
    The gain medium offers large surface area to volume ratio.
    This fiber laser generator features built-in fully closed optical path with high flexibility.
  • Numerical Control System for Laser CuttingThe CNC8070 model is the most advanced FAGOR numerical control system for laser cutting. Designed based on CNC and PC technologies, the CNC control system supports operation via personal computers. With Pentium CPU, it supports Windows and MS-DOS operating systems. The CNC control system supports control of 16 axis, 3 electronic control handwheels, and 2 spindles.
  • Laser Cutting HeadEquipped with capacitive sensor, the Lasermech laser cutting head ensures a constant cutting distance to achieve the best cutting effect. It is designed with interlock magnet collision avoidance system, which is adaptable to several times of collisions and guarantees the accuracy of returning. With 21mm (from +8mm to -13mm) focal length adjustment range, the laser cutting head ensures optimized focal length while cutting thick plates.
  • High Speed Arc Spray EquipmentThe high speed arc spraying equipment implements double line feeding with the merit of high spraying efficiency. The arc temperature of the equipment ranges from 5000℃ to 5500℃. The particle speed is up to 200m/s to 300m/s, which allows for high strength of coating layer adhesive ability. The spraying material is cooled during the process of flight and depositing.
  • Head and Tail Double Turning Positioner for SprayingThe head and tail double turning positioner for spraying is mainly used for spraying the surface of work piece with irregular shape. The work piece is placed on the middle worktable. Through the position adjustment of the worktable, the work piece surface can be at the needed position which favors the spraying. The equipment is superior in spraying efficiency.
  • Pushing Type Arc Spraying GunBy adopting patented technology, the pushing type arc spraying gun increases flight speed of particle to enhance the adhesive strength of coating layer. The gas laminar flow technology is employed to refine the atomization effect of the particle for decreasing the porosity of the coating layer. The diameter of the arc spraying wire suited for the equipment ranges from 1.6mm to 3.2mm.
  • Arc Spraying PowerBy taking the silicon rectifying technology, the arc spraying power of our company has the advantages of reliable quality, stable performance, simple structure, easy operation and convenient usage and maintenance. It performs outstanding in spraying efficiency and coating quality. With the remote operation switch available, the user can control the process of spraying through the switch on the spraying gun directly.
  • Wire FeederBy adopting hard synchronization technology, the wire feeder can achieve two wires feeding simultaneously with one driving motor. It features good synchronization. The double drive technology is employed to assure stable wire feeding and small fluctuation of voltage and current during the process of spraying. The equipment is mainly designed to fit for the spraying wire with diameter from 1.6mm to 3.2mm.
  • Digital Inverter Spraying PowerThe QD8 series of digital inverter spraying power has the features of high spraying efficiency, good particle atomization effect and excellent coating quality. The inverter technology is introduced to the equipment, which allows for high performance, energy saving and fast dynamic response. The digital technology can achieve spraying process controlling and spraying parameters setting precisely.
  • Arc Spray Triaxial CNC MachineThe arc spraying triaxial CNC machine can pre-set spraying technical parameters when matching with digital inverter spraying power of our company, which allows for more simple and visualized operation. It is often used for surface anti-corrosion and restoring process for shaft parts.
  • Arc Spraying ManipulatorThe arc spraying manipulator has two main parts. The rotator for spraying is mainly used for spraying the surface of cylindrical steel tube with large diameter. The lifting for work piece is convenient and the spraying effect is good. The manipulating stand is the auxiliary equipment for spraying. It can adjust the position of spraying gun at the front of the cross arm to achieve high spraying efficiency.
  • Shougang Motoman RobotThe Shougang Motoman robot has six-axis independent rotating joints. Driven by servo motor with CNC rotating encoder, each single joint can always detect the moving position of every axis with the features of high accuracy and flexibility. The robot can be operated and controlled through not only online teaching but also hand-held teaching pendant.
  • Large Format Laser Cutting MachineThe large format laser cutting machine can cut cylinder intersection lines of the main tube in different directions and different diameters. It can meet both eccentric and non-eccentric vertical intersections of a branch pipe axis and main pipe axis.