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We are a professional cutting machine, steel equipment manufacturer in China. We offer a variety of products, including laser cutting machine, heavy steel production line, rolling machine, pipe shot blasting machine, and more.

Main Products
  • Three Roller Rolling MachineThe three roller rolling machine of our company mainly includes upper roller multifunction 3-roller rolling machine, arc down-adjusting 3-roller rolling machine, hydraulic symmetrical 3-roller rolling machine, mechanical symmetric 3-roller rolling machine and horizontal 3-roller rolling machine. The equipment has different working modes with different application ranges.
  • Four Roller Rolling MachineWith convenient centering, the four rollers rolling machine can avoid skew rolling and unmatched deformation. It can complete pre-bending and rolling the steel plate with one time. For its wide range of application, the equipment has been the ideal equipment for rolling steel plate to round shape and with arc.
  • Profile Bending MachineThe profile bending machine takes usage of full hydraulic transmission, which features compacted structure, high reliability and stable transmission. With three drive rollers, the skidding doesn't appear easily during the bending process and the material with thin wall can also be bent. Both two sides of the equipment can feed the work piece. By taking three-roller combination module and pressing tightly ...