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Profile Bending Machine

The profile bending machine takes usage of full hydraulic transmission, which features compacted structure, high reliability and stable transmission. With three drive rollers, the skidding doesn't appear easily during the bending process and the material with thin wall can also be bent. Both two sides of the equipment can feed the work piece. By taking three-roller combination module and pressing tightly with adjusting pad, the equipment can bend the profile to the shapes of round, arc and spiral with different curvature. Through changing the shape of the mould groove, the equipment can process various kinds of metal profiles such as angle steel, flat steel, round pipe and other profiles with irregular shaped section. When bending the profile with large diameter, there is no need for producing super size pier-bending die. The equipment has been the necessary supplement for single and double head tube bending machine.

Technical Parameters
Model JW-89S JW-159S
Max. Bending Section Modulus 30cm³100cm³
Yield Limit of Profile250MPa 250MPa
Incurvature of Angle Steel Max. Section: 75×75×10mm 110×110×14mm
Min. Bending Diameter: 1200mm 1600mm
Excurvature of Angle Steel Max. Section:90×90×10mm 120×120×16mm
Min. Bending Diameter: 1150mm 1600mm
Incurvature of Channel Steel Model of Channel Steel: 16 22
Min. Bending Diameter: 1000mm 1500mm
Excurvature of Channel Steel Model of Channel Steel:16 22
Min. Bending Diameter:800mm 1400mm
Vertical Bending Flat Steel Max. Section: 90×20mm120×40mm
Min. Bending Diameter: 900mm 1200mm
Plane–bending Flat Steel Max. Section: 180×25mm250×40mm
Min. Bending Diameter: 900mm 1200mm
Round Steel Max. Section: 65mm90mm
Min. Bending Diameter:700mm 1000mm
Steel Pipe Max. Section: 89×5mm 159×5mm
Min. Bending Diameter: 1000mm 1600mm
Diameter of Standard Mould F 360mm F460mm
Bending Speed 5m/min 4.5m/min

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