Four Roller Rolling Machine

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Four Roller Rolling Machine

With convenient centering, the four rollers rolling machine can avoid skew rolling and unmatched deformation. It can complete pre-bending and rolling the steel plate with one time. For its wide range of application, the equipment has been the ideal equipment for rolling steel plate to round shape and with arc.

Technical Parameters
Model 12×1200 12×2500 16×2000 16×2500 20×2000 20×2500
Max. Thickness of Steel Plate Rolling (mm)12 12 16 16 20 20
Max. Thickness of Steel Plate for Pre-bending (mm)10 10 12 12 16 16
Max. Width of Steel Plate for Rolling (mm)2000 2500 2000 2500 2000 2500
Yield Limit of Steel Plate (Mpa) 245 245 245 245 245 245
Min. Rolling Diameter with Full Load (mm)600 800 700 800 800 900
Diameter of Upper Roller (mm) 300 330 330 350 350 400
Diameter of Lower Roller (mm) 280 300 300 320 320 360
Diameter of Side Roller (mm)200 220 230 260 260 300

Zhouxiang Group is a professional four roller rolling machine manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including three roller rolling machine, multi-head flame strip cutting machine, high speed arc spray equipment, and more.

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