Mechanical Symmetric 3-Roller Rolling Machine

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Mechanical Symmetric 3-Roller Rolling Machine

The W11 series of equipment of our company is mechanical up-adjusting symmetric 3-roller rolling machine. The upper roller moves up and down at the center symmetrical position of the two lower rollers. The vertical lifting of upper roller is achieved through the cooperation of motor, speed reducer, worm wheel and the worm. The two lower rollers are drive rollers and the upper roller is driven roller. The equipment has been widely used in industries of shipbuilding, boiler, aerospace, hydropower engineering, chemical engineering, metal construction and machinery.

Technical Parameters
Model Max. Thickness of Steel Plate for Rolling (mm)Max. Width of Steel Plate for Rolling (mm) Yield Limit of Steel Plate (MPa)Min. Rolling Diameter with Full Load (mm)Rolling Speeding (m/min) Power of Main Motor (kw)
W11-6×2000 6 2000 245 380 5.5 5.5
W11-8×2000 8 2000 245 450 5.6 7.5
W11-8×2500 8 2500 245 500 5.5 11
W11-12×2000 12 2000 245 500 5.5 11
W11-12×2500 12 2500 245 650 5.8 15
W11-16×2000 16 2000 245 650 5.8 15

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Other Products
  • Horizontal 3-Roller Rolling MachineThe horizontal 3-roller rolling machine can achieve pre-bending and rolling for plate end through upper roller vertical lifting and lower roller horizontal moving with feeding the steel plate only one time. All the three rollers are driving rollers, which allow for no skidding when rolling the thin plate. Meanwhile, the operation range for rolling steel plate is enlarged.
  • Upper Roller Multifunction 3-Roller Rolling MachineThe three rollers rolling machine can achieve high accuracy pre-bending for end of steel plate. By setting the length of the straight edge freely, the upper roller presses on the steel plate directly to achieve pre-bending. The rolling technical parameters are numerical controlled, which makes the operation easier and enhances the production efficiency largely.
  • Arc Down-Adjusting 3-Roller Rolling MachineThe upper roller of arc down-adjusting 3-roller rolling machine is fixed. The two lower rollers rotate around the fixed axis. Meanwhile, they move up and down along the arc orbit. The pre-bending and rolling for steel plate can be completed with only one time steel plate feeding. For all the three rollers are drive rollers, it won't skid when rolling the thin steel plate.