H-Beam Steel Shot Blasting Machine

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H-Beam Steel Shot Blasting Machine

The HGP series of H-beam steel shot blasting machine is developed and researched on the basis of considering the characteristics of steel construction. It's the roller conveyer shot blasting machine. By taking the technology of computer three-dimension dynamic simulation design, the shot blasting position is located. The high efficient cartridge pulse jet back-blow dust collector is equipped with the shot blasting machine.

Technical Parameters
Model HGP0816 HGP1018 HGP1220
Max. Size of Processable Work Piece Section (W×H) 800×1600mm 1000×1600mm 1200×1800mm
Processing Length 3000-12000mm 3000-15000mm 3000-15000mm
Quality Standard Surface Cleanliness A-B Sa2-Sa2½ A-B Sa2-A-B Sa2½ A-B Sa2-A-B Sa2½
Surface Roughness 15-50μm 15-50μm 15-50μm
Shot Blasting Device Quantity 8 8 8
Quantity of Shot Blasting 8×200kg/min 8×200kg/min 8×220kg/min
Power 8×11kw 8×11kw 8×11kw
Input and Output Roller Conveyor Allowable Load 1000kg/m 1000kg/m 1000kg/m
Conveying Speed 0.5-5m/min 0.5-5m/min 0.5-5m/min
Air Volume of Dust Collector 12000m³/h 12000m³/h 12000m³/h
Circulation Quantity of Grinding Shots 120t/h 120t/h 120t/h
Dimension of Main Machine(L×W×H) 6770×2100
Depth of Pit 1950mm 1950mm 1820mm
Total Power 135kw 140kw 140kw

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  • Sheet Shot Blast MachineBeing used for surface cleaning for steel plate and various kinds of small steel, the BP2500-6 and HGP2224-12 sheet shot blasting machine can wipe off the rust, dirt and oxide scale through shot blasting and cleaning the surface of work piece. Then the fatigue strength of the work piece can be enhanced to achieve the purpose of enhance the surface and inner quality of the steel.
  • Pipe Shot Blasting MachineThe pipe shot blasting machine is designed for processing the surface of medium and small size steel pipe. Through the V type roller conveyer, the work piece can be overturned and conveyed automatically. Then the rust and oxide on the surface of work piece can be removed accordingly. The conveying speed for the work piece can be adjusted according to the shot blasting quality requirement for the work piece surface.