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Thyristor CO2 Welder

The efficiency of thyristor CO2 welder is four times of the welder using welding electrode. With strong adjustment ability, the welding arc is stable, which is fit for full range of welding with the merit of little splatter coming out. The new technologies of advanced thyristor module and integrated circuit control are introduced with the equipment. The diameter of welding wire is optional. Both solid welding wire and flux-cored wire are fit for the equipment. The function of choosing retreating the arc or not is also available. With the features of firm structure, high reliability and durability, the equipment can be used in severe environment. The function can be expanded easily. The cable can also be lengthened according to operating requirement.

Technical Parameters
Model ItemZKR-200 ZKR-350 ZKR-500 ZKR-630 NBC-250B
Rated Input Voltage 3-380V  50Hz
Rated Input Capacity 7.6KVA 18.1KVA 32KVA 46KVA 10.5KVA
Rated Load Voltage 24V 31.5V 39V 44V 26.5V
Rated Output Current 200A 350A 500A 630A 250A
Range of Welding Current 50-200A 60-350A 60-500A 80-630A 60-250A
Range of Welding Voltage 14-25V 15-40V 15-45V 18-44V 16-27V
Max. Open Circuit Voltage45V 50V 60V 77V 33V
Full Load Duration Rate 60%
Diameter of Suited Welding Wire ф0.8mm, ф1.0mm ф1.0mm, ф1.2mm ф1.0mm, ф1.2mm, ф1.6mmф0.8mm, ф1.0mm ф0.8mm, ф1.0mm
Weight 90kg 115kg 225kg 260kg 108kg
Dimension(L×W×H) 720×400×720 840×450×800 940×570×1000 880×410×750

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