MOSFET Inverter Pulse Argon Arc Welder

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MOSFET Inverter Pulse Argon Arc Welder

By taking air switch as the power switch, the MOSFET inverter pulse argon welder is designed with the functions of overheat and over current protection, which allows for high durability and safer and more reliable operation. It has the merits of small volume, light weight, low noise, nice shape and high portability. The stability of current is assured by the function of automatic compensation for grid voltage. The control circuit board for all parts is connected with electrical connector or screw, which facilitates the replacement and maintenance.

Technical Parameters
ModelItemWSM-100 WSM-160 WSM-200
Rated Input Voltage 1-220V 50Hz
Rated Input Capacity 3.8kVA 5.3kVA 6.6kVA
Rated Input Current 17.5A 24A 30A
Rated Output Current 100A 160A 200A
Full Load Duration Rate 60%
Current Adjustment Range 5-100A 5-160A 10-200A
Current Range with Pulse Base 5-100A 5-160A 10-200A
Range of Pulse Frequency0.5HZ-5HZ/5HZ-50HZ
Duty Cycle of Pulse Frequency0.1-0.9
Lag Time for Stopping Gas Supply 2.5s/5.5s
Arc Striking ModeHigh Frequency Arc Striking and Touch Arc Striking
Weight10kg 14kg 16kg
Dimension(L ×W×H) 155×355×255mm 155×355×255mm 155×355×255mm
Insulation ClassClass F

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