Whole Position Tube to Tube Sheet Welding Machine

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Whole Position Tube to Tube Sheet Welding Machine

The whole position tube to tube sheet welding machine is mainly used to weld the tube to tube sheet with the tube stretching out of, even with or under the tube sheet surface. The welding materials are often carbon steel, stainless steel and other steel. The diameter of suited welded tube ranges from 15 to 80mm. The welding mode is wire filling. The equipment can match with the automatic welding power source to build up a complete tube to tube sheet welding system.

As an experienced whole position tube to tube sheet welding machine manufacturer in China, Zhouxiang Group offers a comprehensive range of products that includes high speed arc spray equipment, turning table, air plasma cutter, and more.

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  • Automatic Arc Submerging WelderModel: MZ-1-1000
    Input Voltage: 135V, 36V(provided by welding power source), 50Hz
    Input Capacity: 360W
    Rated Current: 1000A
  • IGBT Inverter DC Manual Arc WelderBy adopting IGBT inverter technology and advanced control circuit, the IGBT inverter DC manual arc welder has the advantages of good static and dynamic characteristics, arc striking easily and stable welding process. With the current presetting function available, the equipment is operated conveniently. Meanwhile, it also has the favorable functions of protection from overheat, over current and under-voltage.
  • Arc Welding RectifierWith the features of mature production technology, high reliability, wide application range, high efficiency and outstanding energy saving, the arc welding rectifier performs excellent in dynamic characteristics with reliable arc striking, stable arc and little splatter. The equipment has the functions of adjustment of thrust current and welding current. It can also achieve automatic compensation for grid voltage fluctuation.
  • IGBT Inverter AC DC Multi Pulse Argon Arc WelderThe IGBT inverter AC/DC multi pulse argon arc welder can achieve four kinds of weld modes which are AC square wave tungsten inert gas(TIG) welding, DC pulse TIG welding, DC TIG welding and DC manual welding. The excellent performance of high frequency arc striking allows for almost 100 percent instantaneous arc striking success rate even when taking the welding mode of AC square wave TIG welding with low current.
  • MOSFET Inverter Pulse Argon Arc WelderBy taking air switch as the power switch, the MOSFET inverter pulse argon welder is designed with the functions of overheat and over current protection, which allows for high durability and safer and more reliable operation. It has the merits of small volume, light weight, low noise, nice shape and high portability. The stability of current is assured by the function of automatic compensation for grid voltage.