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Conventional Welding Rotator

The series of welding rotator mainly includes self-aligned welding rotator and conventional welding rotator. It's mainly used for welding, polishing, rubber lining and assembling. Self-aligned welding rotator can achieve self-adjustment according to the size and weight of the work piece. The conventional welding rotator is adjusted by manually adjusting the center span length of rotating wheels. The speed-adjusting mode of the equipment is AC frequency speed-adjusting, which enhances the reliability of operation. We can also customize the other type welding rotator according to customers' needs.

Technical Parameters
Model Max. Load Capacity(kg) Diameter of Work Piece(mm)Diameter and Width of Rubber Rotating Wheel(mm) Diameter and Width of Metal Rotating Wheel(mm ) Linear Speed of Rotating Wheel (m/h)Power of Motor (kw) Mode of Speed-adjusting
GLHK-3 3000 φ250- φ1800 Φ200×100 2×Φ 194×20 6-60 2×0.25 AC Frequency Poleless Speed-adjusting or Electromagnetic Speed-adjusting
GLHK-5 5000 φ250- φ2300 Φ250×100 2×Φ 240×20 6-60 2×0.37
GLHK-10 10000 φ320- φ2800 Φ300×120 2×Φ 290×25 6-60 2×0.55
GLHK-20 20000 φ500- φ3500 Φ350×120 2×Φ 340×30 6-60 2×1.1
GLHK-40 40000 φ600- φ4200 Φ400×120 2×Φ 390×40 6-60 2×1.5
GLHK-60 60000 φ750- φ4800 Φ450×120 2×Φ 440×50 6-60 2×2.2
GLHK-80 80000 φ850- φ5000 Φ500×120 2×Φ 490×60 6-60 2×3
GLHK-100 100000 φ1000- φ5500 Φ500×120 2×Φ 490×70 6-60 2×3
GLHK-160 160000 φ1100- φ6000 - Φ620×220 6-60 2×4
GLHK-250 250000 φ1200- φ7000 - Φ700×280 6-60 2×5.5
GLHK-500 500000 φ1500- φ8000 - Φ850×350 6-60 2×7.5
GLHK-630 630000 φ1500- φ9000 - Φ900×380 6-60 2×11

Our company is an experienced conventional welding rotator manufacturer based in China. Our products include box beam overturning machine, cross beam assembling machine, CNC cutting machine, shot blasting equipment, and much more.

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