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Hydraulic Fit Up Roll

The hydraulic fit up roll is mainly used to joint the long pipe steel such as the pole of wind tower. It has four independent rolling wheels for the process of fitting up. Through the standard conventional drive, the equipment can be used in conjunction with passive welding rotator.

Technical Parameters
Model Max. Load Capacity (kg) Diameter Range of Work Piece (mm) Diameter and Width of Rubber Rolling Wheel (mm) Linear Speed of Rolling Wheel (m/h) Power of Motor (kw) Inner Distance of Guide Rail (mm) Mode of Speed-adjusting
ZHGK-40 40000 φ2000- φ4800 φ400
6-60 2×1.5 1700 AC Frequency Poleless
Speed-adjusting or Electromagnetic Speed-adjusting
ZHGK-60 60000 φ2500- φ5000 2×φ520
6-60 2×2.2 2000

Zhouxiang Group is a China-based hydraulic fit up roll manufacturer and supplier. We offer a variety of products, including air plasma cutter, L type positioner, hydraulic straightening machine, fiber laser cutter and more.

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