Short Pipe Flange Welding Center

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Short Pipe Flange Welding Center
Technical Parameters of Small Cross Type Manipulating Stand
Model SHQ-1 SHQ-2
Effective Elevating Stroke of Cross Arm 750mm 1500mm
Effective Stretching Stroke of Cross Arm 450mm 900mm
Elevating Speed of Cross Arm 400mm/min 400mm/min
Stretching Mode of Cross Arm Manual Control Manual Control
Inner-side Distance of Trolley 600mm 600mm

Technical Parameters of Lifting Positioner
Model SHB-10
Load Capacity 1000kg
Rotating Speed 0.12-1.2m/min
Overturning Speed 0.34m/min
Overturning Angle 0-120º

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    Load Capacity : 3000kg
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    Load Capacity : 5000kg
    Diameter of Suited Work Piece : φ80-φ610mm
    Linear Speed of Rotating Wheel: 120-1200mm/min
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    Rated Load Capacity : 2000kg
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    Rated Load Capacity : 2000kg
    Overturning Speed : 0.15-0.76rpm