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  • H-Beam Steel Production LineFor all parts of H-beam steel appear to be right angle, it has been widely used for its merits of strong bending strength in all direction, simple construction, cost saving and light structural weight. The H-beam steel production line of our company can accomplish the production for H-beam steel with high product quality and precise production process.
  • Heavy Steel Production LineHeavy steel production Line is the enhanced version of H-beam steel production line, which includes many kinds of equipment for manufacturing heavy duty H steel. Heavy duty steel vertical assembling machine has two welding gun, which is used to complete the assembling and welding of heavy duty H steel. Heavy duty overturning and conveying machine is used in conjunction ...
  • Box Beam Production LineThe box beam production line of our company can be capable to complete the production process of box beam well enough. The basic processes such as drilling and milling are carried out by the machines such as ZPZ CNC drilling machine and XBJ edge milling machine. The GD-20 beveling machine is used to cut the corner part of box beam to make the corner with precise size and smooth surface.

Steel Equipment

The steel equipment is one of the important equipment of our company. It mainly includes H-beam steel production line, heavy steel production line and box beam production line such as the main equipment of cutting machine, assembly machine, gantry welding machine, flange straightening machine and shot blasting machine. Referring to production process, the equipment is operated independently with no need for cooperation with other machines. With the advantage of flexibility, operator can add equipment at different process section according to need to enhance the operating efficiency of whole machine.

The steel equipment of our company has many models with different functions. The H-beam steel and heavy duty H steel produced with our equipment have smooth surface without burr. They can be used in the construction directly. The box beam produced with the equipment of our company is welded firmly and has reasonable structure and strong supporting ability. It's the very excellent construction material, which can be used as pillar or house beam. The H-beam steel production line involves in cutting machine, assembling machine, gantry type welding machine, straightening machine and shot blasting and cleaning machine. They can accomplish the processes of cutting, assembling, welding, straightening and shot blasting.

All the equipment is designed with fully consideration. All the components are configured with scientific principle and concepts, such as the oxygen cylinder providing the power for welding and cutting or the transporting device of straightening wheel, rotator and roller conveyor. Thus, the whole production process from raw material supply to final product can be precise and fluent. Meanwhile, our company has many kinds of equipment which can be combined into heavy duty H steel production line and box beam production line to fulfill the production for heavy duty H steel and box beam. Welcome to purchase our products.

As a professional steel equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer gantry box beam welding machine, tilting rotator, YAG laser cutting machine, head and tail double turning positioner for spraying, and more.

Other Products
  • Welding PositionerThis series of welding positioner has three kinds with tilting, head and tail single rotation and head and tail double rotation. Through the rotation and overturning of the worktable, the work piece can be at the best position for welding or assembling. The rotation of the worktable is achieved through frequency poleless speed-adjusting. The equipment can be matched with the other welding equipment ...
  • Conventional Welding RotatorIt's mainly used for welding, polishing, rubber lining and assembling. Self-aligned welding rotator can achieve self-adjustment according to the size and weight of the work piece. The conventional welding rotator is adjusted by manually adjusting the center span length of rotating wheels. The speed-adjusting mode of the equipment is AC frequency speed-adjusting, which enhances ...
  • Self-aligned Welding RotatorDesigned according to operating requirements of pressure vessel manufacturer, the GLHZ series of self-aligned welding rotator is compliant with JB/T9187-1999 National Standards for Machinery Industry. By absorbing the merits of same product at home and abroad, the equipment of our company features advanced technology, reliable quality and simple operation.
  • Hydraulic Fit Up RollThe hydraulic fit up roll is mainly used to joint the long pipe steel such as the pole of wind tower. It has four independent rolling wheels for the process of fitting up. Through the standard conventional drive, the equipment can be used in conjunction with passive welding rotator.
  • Anti-Creep Welding RotatorWith considering the formation of axial movement of work piece, the anti-creep welding rotator of our company has been designed to eliminate the phenomenon. When the work piece is rotating, its moving form is spiral. Then the axial movement would arise. So through the passive rolling wheel going up and down, the helix angle between axes of work piece and rolling wheel has been changed.
  • Circumferential Welding CenterBy taking trinity controlled, the circumferential welding center is constructed with welding manipulator, welding positioner and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding device. The advanced TIG welding technology allows for high strength and nice shape of welding seam. The equipment has been widely applied for welding pressure vessel with high requirement and the petrochemical industry.