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  • U Model Beam Assembling MachineThe U model beam assembling machine is the special assembling equipment which can accomplish the U beam assembling and box beam assembling. Thus, the cost is decreased largely and it doesn't need much installation space. The equipment clamps the work piece at different position with the mode that the work piece doesn't move and the main machine moves. Then the clamped work piece is processed with manual spot welding.
  • Vertical Diaphragm Assembly MachineThe vertical diaphragm assembly machine is the special equipment for assembling and welding the intermediate diaphragm of box beam. When assembling the diaphragm, the positioning is achieved by hydraulic cylinder pressing tightly. Then the process of spot welding can be carried out. After finishing the welding for one side, the work piece would be overturned 180 degree to finish the welding ...
  • Box Beam Overturning MachineThe box beam overturning machine is the auxiliary equipment of box beam production line. It includes mobile 90 degree hydraulic overturning machine and mobile 180 degree hydraulic overturning machine.
  • UZJ12 Assembling MachineAs the auxiliary equipment of box beam production line, the UZJ12 assembling machine is used in conjunction with box beam production line.
  • Gantry Box Beam Welding MachineAs the special box beam welding auxiliary equipment, the gantry box beam welding machine is designed with gantry structure, bi-side driving and frequency poleless speed-adjusting. Welding tracking is achieved by the mechanical guide pulley device. The operation on right and left sides is conducted through pneumatic control. To enhance the efficiency of fillet weld ...
  • Cantilever Electroslag Welding MachineThe cantilever electroslag welding machine is the special welding equipment for welding the diaphragm to the surrounding steel plates of box beam firmly with the method of vertical electroslag welding.
    According to the different requirements of users, there are two kinds of electroslag welding modes which are wire electrode and consumable nozzle.
  • Back Welding Machine (Single Arc Single Wire)The backing welding machine is often used before submerged arc welding for box beam. It can avoid high current burning-through the bottom of welding seam. The main manner of backing welding for box beam is single arc single wire. Double arc double wire can also be employed to carry out that welding process. The equipment is mainly composed of lining trolley, welding arm, welding torch mechanical ...
  • Submerged Arc Welder (Double Arc Double Wire)The submerged arc welder is mainly used for submerged arc welding of box beam. It consists of lining trolley, welding arm, welding torch mechanical tracking device, pneumatic system, electric control system, welding flux conveying and recovering system and submerged arc welding power.
    The welding modes are mainly including single arc single wire and double arc double wire.
  • CNC Face Milling MachineFeaturing convenient operation, simple structure and rapid adjustment, the CNC face milling machine is the indispensable equipment of professional welded steel manufacturer. It can mill the work piece with the size of end face ranging from 300×200mm to 1200×1500mm. It can also mill the side face of H steel or box beam. The feed of slipway and lifting of milling head are accomplished through Guangzhou CNC DA98A driving servo motor.
  • Face Milling MachineAs the indispensable equipment of professional welded steel manufacturer, the face milling machine has the advantages of operating conveniently, simple structure and adjusting rapidly. It's mainly used to achieve end face milling for welded or rolled H steel or box beam. It can also mill the side face of H steel or box beam. The maximum size of end face of work piece that the equipment ...
  • Edge Milling MachineThe edge milling machine of our company is the new generation product of traditional edge milling machine. Compared with traditional edge milling machine, the guide rail installation form of our product is dismountable. Through heat treatment, the structure of the machine bed is more reasonable and the milling head works stably and reliably.
  • Beveling EquipmentBy using roll shearing principle, the beveling equipment shears the edge of steel plate according to required angle to get the needed welding groove. It has the merits of convenient operation, low energy consumption and high efficiency with cutting speed of 3 meters per minute. The beveled welding groove can be formed successfully with one time and has precise size and smooth surface with no need for clearing up the burr.
  • CNC Drilling MachineThe CNC drilling machine is designed with CNC system. The movement of X axis and Y axis is achieved through AC servo control and Z axis can implements hydraulic automatic feed. Thus, the equipment can realize quick positioning and drilling and has been widely used for drilling process for connecting plate of steel construction and various kinds of plate parts.

Box Beam Production Line

Box beam is actually a kind of steel section bar, whose shape is like a big steel case. It's usually used as the house beam or pillar.

The box beam production line of our company can be capable to complete the production process of box beam well enough. The basic processes such as drilling and milling are carried out by the machines such as ZPZ CNC drilling machine and XBJ edge milling machine. The GD-20 beveling machine is used to cut the corner part of box beam to make the corner with precise size and smooth surface. The single arc single wire back welding machine and double arc double wire submerged arc welder can weld the steel plates of all parts of box beam together to form a firm structure of box beam. Thus the box beam can bear great pressure. The U model beam assembling machine, vertical diaphragm assembly machine and UZJ12 assembling machine are used to assembly the steel plate and box beam. All the box beam production machines have different functions. The combination of the machines can manufacture the box beam with high quality.

Zhouxiang Group is an experienced box beam production line manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as blasting and painting rotator, rolling machine, fiber laser welding machine, and CNC plasma cutting machine.

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  • H-Beam Steel Production LineFor all parts of H-beam steel appear to be right angle, it has been widely used for its merits of strong bending strength in all direction, simple construction, cost saving and light structural weight. The H-beam steel production line of our company can accomplish the production for H-beam steel with high product quality and precise production process.
  • Heavy Steel Production LineHeavy steel production Line is the enhanced version of H-beam steel production line, which includes many kinds of equipment for manufacturing heavy duty H steel. Heavy duty steel vertical assembling machine has two welding gun, which is used to complete the assembling and welding of heavy duty H steel. Heavy duty overturning and conveying machine is used in conjunction ...