Submerged Arc Welder (Double Arc Double Wire)

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Submerged Arc Welder (Double Arc Double Wire)

The submerged arc welder is mainly used for submerged arc welding of box beam. It consists of lining trolley, welding arm, welding torch mechanical tracking device, pneumatic system, electric control system, welding flux conveying and recovering system and submerged arc welding power.

The welding modes are mainly including single arc single wire and double arc double wire. The single arc single wire submerged arc welder can be equipped with Chinese submerged arc power or imported submerged arc power flexibly. The double arc double wire submerged arc welder has high welding efficiency. It's usually equipped with submerged arc power of American Lincoln DC-1000 and AC-1200.

Technical Parameters
Size of Suited Work Piece 300-1200mm
Welding Speed 0.3-1.5m/min
Returning Speed 3m/min
Gauge of Lining Trolley 1400mm
Pressure of Gas Source 0.4-0.8Mpa

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