Cantilever Electroslag Welding Machine

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Cantilever Electroslag Welding Machine

The cantilever electroslag welding machine is the special welding equipment for welding the diaphragm to the surrounding steel plates of box beam firmly with the method of vertical electroslag welding.

According to the different requirements of users, there are two kinds of electroslag welding modes which are wire electrode and consumable nozzle. The wire electrode electroslag welding machine features high welding efficiency and low using cost, but the cost of the equipment is much higher than that of electroslag welding machine with consumable nozzle. It's mainly used for mass production of box beam. While the electroslag welding machine with consumable nozzle is easy and convenient to operate, but the welding efficiency of the equipment is comparatively low. It's mainly used for box beam production in small quantities.

Technical Parameters
Gauge of Lining Trolley 1000mm
Moving Speed of Lining Trolley 6m/min
Power of Driving Motor 0.55kw
Size of Suited Work Piece 300-1200mm

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