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CNC Drilling Machine

The CNC drilling machine is designed with CNC system. The movement of X axis and Y axis is achieved through AC servo control and Z axis can implements hydraulic automatic feed. Thus, the equipment can realize quick positioning and drilling and has been widely used for drilling process for connecting plate of steel construction and various kinds of plate parts. Its main components are machine bed, mobile gantry frame, drilling head, switchable worktable, electric control system, hydraulic system, cooling system and chip conveyer.

Technical Parameters
Model ZP1650 ZPZ200
Max. Drilling Diameter φ50mm 60φmm
Max. Size of Work Piece 1650×1000×80mm 2000×1500×80mm
Spindle Speed 130-400r/min( Poleless Speed-adjusting) 130-400r/min
Feed Mode of Spindle Hydraulic Control Screw Mandrel Control
Quantity of Mobile Worktable 2 2
Quantity of Work Piece to Be Clamped at the Same Time 4 Groups 4 Groups
Working Mode for Clamping Hydraulic Control Hydraulic Control
Fast-moving Speed of X and Y Axes 12m/min 12m/min

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