Face Milling Machine

As the indispensable equipment of professional welded steel manufacturer, the face milling machine has the advantages of operating conveniently, simple structure and adjusting rapidly. It's mainly used to achieve end face milling for welded or rolled H steel or box beam. It can also mill the side face of H steel or box beam. The maximum size of end face of work piece that the equipment can mill is 1200×1500mm and the minimum size of end face is 300×200mm. The main components of the equipment are milling head, lifting column, worktable, machine bed, mechanical feed system, electric control system, guide rail protective device and cutting tool.

Zhouxiang Group is a professional face milling machine manufacturer in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including U model beam assembling machine, YAG laser cutting machine, three roller rolling machine, inverter CO2 welder, and more.

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