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  • Heavy Duty Steel Vertical Assembly MachineThe automation control is fulfilled in the production process of heavy duty steel vertical assembling machine. The process steps of clamping, alignment, positioning and automatic spot welding for flange plate and web plate are controlled by Japanese Mitsubishi programmable logic controller and AC frequency converter. Thus, the efficiency of the equipment is more than two times of ordinary assembling machine.
  • Heavy Duty Overturning Machine, Conveying MachineTo decrease the using frequency of crane and enhance the efficiency of steel conveying and overturning, the mo hydraulic overturning machine, conveying machine and roll-over stand are equipped with the heavy duty overturning and conveying machine. Thus, the automatic steel conveying and overturning can be achieved in the whole process of welding and straightening.
  • Hydraulic Straightening MachineWith hydraulic cylinder set at the bottom of hydraulic device, the YJZ60C hydraulic straightening machine is equivalent to the equipment with model of YJZ60B in straightening capability. But as to the straightening range, the former one is superior to the latter one. The width of the flange plate can be up to 1000mm. Meanwhile, the two upper pressing wheels can work separately to straighten asymmetric deformation.
  • Hydraulic Straightening PressThe hydraulic straightening machine is designed especially for straightening the deformation of flange plate of welded H steel. The equipment with the models of YJZ60B and YJZ80B are the types with hydraulic cylinder set at the top of hydraulic device. It features great straightening capability, large straightening width and high degree of automation.
  • Cantilever Welding MachineThe cantilever welding machine is controlled by imported AC frequency converter, which works stably and reliably. The function of quick returning is available. The tracking arc-guide mechanism is designed as three-axis tracking, which can guarantee centering the welding seam correctly and no arc deflection. Coming with the welding flux automatic transmission recovery system ...
  • 180º Hydraulic Overturning MachineWhen the 180º hydraulic overturning machine works, the work piece is lifted away from roller table. Then the gear motor drives two sets of hydraulic overturning machine to move synchronously, which can move the work piece to the side of intermediate roller table. Pushed by the action of hydraulic cylinder, the rocker arms turn the work piece over for 180º.

Heavy Steel Production Line

The application area of heavy steel and ordinary steel is different. With the weight of heavy steel is much greater than the weight of ordinary steel, the processing requirement and production line of the two kinds of steel are different accordingly.

Heavy steel production Line is the enhanced version of H-beam steel production line, which includes many kinds of equipment for manufacturing heavy duty H steel. Heavy duty steel vertical assembling machine has two welding gun, which is used to complete the assembling and welding of heavy duty H steel. Heavy duty overturning and conveying machine is used in conjunction with XBH cantilever welding machine, which can achieve automatic steel conveying and overturning in welding process. Thus, it can assure the welding accuracy and precise process of welding heavy duty H steel. The hydraulic straightening machine has three models, which is mainly used to straighten the deformation of flange plate of heavy duty H steel. It features high level automation and strong straightening capability. The hydraulic straightening machine with the model of YJZ60C is different from the machines with the models of YJZ60B and YJZ80B in driving mode.

All heavy duty H steel production machines can be assembled together to complete all the production processes perfectly. Welcome to consult and purchase our products.

As an experienced heavy steel production line manufacturer in China, Zhouxiang Group provides a wide range of products, including hydraulic straightening machine, CNC multi head flame cutting machine, H-beam steel shot blasting machine, and more.

Other Products
  • Box Beam Production LineThe box beam production line of our company can be capable to complete the production process of box beam well enough. The basic processes such as drilling and milling are carried out by the machines such as ZPZ CNC drilling machine and XBJ edge milling machine. The GD-20 beveling machine is used to cut the corner part of box beam to make the corner with precise size and smooth surface.
  • Multi-Head Flame Strip Cutting MachineThe multi-head flame strip cutting machine is a kind of high efficiency steel plate cutting equipment, which can simultaneously process multiple plates at one time. The longitudinal oxygen gas cutting torch can be deployed according to requirement. The oxygen-ethyne manifold system is available, which can avoid replacing the cylinders frequently.
  • Vertical H-Beam Assembly MachineBy adopting Japanese Mitsubishi programmable logic controller and AC frequency converter, the vertical H-beam assembly machine can achieve automation control in the process of clamping, alignment, positioning and automatic spot welding for flange plate and web plate, the efficiency of which is two times of the efficiency of ordinary equipment.
  • Heavy H Steel Vertical Assembly MachineFor keeping the advantages of automatic alignment and clamping of light assembly machine, the heavy H steel vertical assembly machine is still convenient and easy to operate. The automatic alignment mechanism of the equipment takes usage of hydraulic motor drive and gear transmission, which has solved the problems of light assembly machine that are limited hydraulic cylinder stroke and chain is stretched easily.