180º Hydraulic Overturning Machine

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180º Hydraulic Overturning Machine

The mobile 180º hydraulic overturning machine consists of main machine, hydraulic system and electric control system. The main machine is composed of overturning rocker arm, base frame, moving wheel group, electric drive motor reducer and guide rail.

When the 180º hydraulic overturning machine works, the work piece is lifted away from roller table. Then the gear motor drives two sets of hydraulic overturning machine to move synchronously, which can move the work piece to the side of intermediate roller table. Pushed by the action of hydraulic cylinder, the rocker arms turn the work piece over for 180º. Then the work piece can be moved to the middle of roller table to achieve conveying. The electric cables and oil tubes are set with towline, which features safety, orderliness and reliability. The whole machine is easy to operate with compacted structure.

Technical Parameters
Suitable Weight of Work Piece ≤15tons
Max. Sectional Dimension of Overturning Work Piece 800×1500mm
Power of Driving Motor 2×1.5kw
Moving Speed 6m/min
Diameter of Overturning Hydraulic Cylinder φ140mm
Max. Pressure of Hydraulic System 20Mpa
Power of Hydraulic Pressure Stand 18.5kw

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