Horizontal H Steel Production Line

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Horizontal H Steel Production Line

By employing the horizontal assembling mode, the horizontal H steel production line can assembly H steel successfully with one time, which has enhanced the assembling efficiency largely. Taking usage of the horizontal welding mode to weld H steel can decrease the welding deformation effectively. The double wire single arc welding method can facilitate to improve the welding speed.

Composed of horizontal assembling machine, assembling welding machine, roll-over stand and roller conveyor, the horizontal H steel production line is designed for mass production of light H steel, whose production efficiency is 1.2 to 1.5 times of ordinary light H steel production line.

Technical Parameters
Dimension of Web Plate Height: 300-1500mm
Thickness: 3-12mm
Dimension of Flange Plate Width: 150-500mm
Thickness: 5-20mm
Speed of Welding and Straightening 0.3-1.9m/min
Power of Main Machine 13.4KW

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