H-Beam Assembling, Welding and Straightening Machine

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H-Beam Assembling, Welding and Straightening Machine

As the special equipment designed for assembling, welding and straightening H steel, the H-beam assembling, welding and straightening machine concentrates the functions of assembling machine, gantry welding machine and straightening machine on one set of equipment. Thus, the equipment improves the production efficiency remarkably and the cost for purchasing the machines is reduced largely. Meanwhile, the needed installation space is comparatively small. The H-beam assembling, welding and straightening machine has been the high efficiency production equipment for H steel and T-section steel.

Technical Parameters
Height of Web Plate Thickness of Web Plate Speed of Welding and Straightening Width of Flange Plate Thickness of Flange Plate Power of Main Machine
200-2000mm 6-14mm 0.35-3m/mim 200-800mm 6-20mm 13.4kw

Technical Functions
1. The assembling main machine takes usage of the structure of heavy assembling machine which has applied for the invention patent. The web and flange plates can achieve automatic alignment and positioning, which has enhanced the assembling accuracy and efficiency significantly.
2. The separated setting of firm welding gun fixing mechanism can adjust not only height and horizontal moving position but also the angle of welding gun in two directions, which assures the nice form of welding seam.
3. With the unique designed structure, the two straightening rollers of the auxiliary straightening machine can straighten the work piece actively under the pushing of hydraulic cylinder. The straightening mechanism won't block the visual line for welding seam, so the observation for adjusting welding gun and welding quality is very convenient.
4. The assembling main machine can be disassembled from auxiliary straightening machine to work as butt welding machine or assembling machine separately.
5. After being refitted, the auxiliary straightening machine can be used as small straightening machine.

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