Cross Beam Assembling Machine

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Cross Beam Assembling Machine

As the special equipment for assembling the welded H steel and T-section steel into cross beam, the cross beam assembling machine adopts variable frequency speed control to regulate the assembly speed. The positioning and clamping of work piece are achieved through the hydraulic system which consists of hydraulic drill, hydraulic motor and hydraulic cylinder. The encoder and digital display meter are available for inspecting and setting location dimensions. The manual welding is employed to carry out the spot welding operation.

Technical Parameters
Dimension of Web Plate Height: 200-1000mm
Thickness: 12-60mm
Dimension of Flange Plate Width: 200-800mm
Thickness: 12-70mm
Assembly Speed 0.5-6m/min
Power 20.7KW

Our company is a specialized cross beam assembling machine manufacturer based in China. We also provide CNC plasma cutting machine, H steel shot blasting and cleaning machine, CO2 axial flow laser cutting machine, and more.

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