Heavy H Steel Vertical Assembly Machine

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Heavy H Steel Vertical Assembly Machine

For keeping the advantages of automatic alignment and clamping of light assembly machine, the heavy H steel vertical assembly machine is still convenient and easy to operate. The automatic alignment mechanism of the equipment takes usage of hydraulic motor drive and gear transmission, which has solved the problems of light assembly machine that are limited hydraulic cylinder stroke and chain is stretched easily. Thus, the working reliability of the equipment has been enhanced largely. Meanwhile, the H steel with larger size can be manufactured according to customers' needs.

The single heavy H steel vertical assembly machine consists of main engine, draw-bar box, input roller conveyor, output roller conveyor, electric cabinet, operation box and hydraulic pump station. While the assembly machine matched with heavy H steel production line has an additional device of a set of 90 degree roll-over stand.

Technical Parameters
Dimension of Web Plate Height: 200-3000mm
Thickness: 6-70mm
Length: 6000-15000mm
Dimension of Flange Plate Width: 200-1000mm
Thickness: 6-80mm
Length: 6000-15000mm
Assembly Speed 0.65-6.5m/min
Power Single Assembly Machine: 11KW(not including welding machines) Assembly Machine Matched with Heavy H Steel Production Line: 16.5KW(not including welding machines)

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