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  • Laser Cutting MachineThe laser cutting machine of our company features advanced processing mode and technology, high work efficiency, wide range of processable materials but low processing cost and simple operation. Taking usage of xenon lamp as the excitation source, the laser directs the output of high energy density laser beam which focuses on the surface of work piece.
  • CNC Cutting MachineCNC cutting machine achieves cutting process by thermal cutting mode. The gas such as oxygen, ethyne and propane can be employed as combustible gas. The equipment can also introduce plasma device to accomplish the cutting process. The CNC system allows cutting job fulfilled through the computer controlling the equipment, which overcomes the shortages of manual operation leading to error easily and danger ...
  • Special CutterThe special cutter of our company involves in LG inverter plasma cutter and air plasma cutter. The LG inverter plasma cutter features small volume and light weight. The minimum size of the equipment is 520×260×540mm. The weight is only 30kg accordingly. With no need for large space and area, the equipment can be carried and transported easily. It can be used to cut the stainless steel, copper and aluminum.

Cutting Machine

Our company has many kinds of cutting machines, including laser cutting machine, CNC cutting machine and special cutter. Some of the cutting machines are equipped with plasma cutting device, which enhances the cutting ability largely.

The laser cutting machine has large volume and needs more space and areas to place it. But it has very strong cutting ability with high cutting accuracy which is 0.05mm, fast cutting speed and smooth cut. The power of the laser cutting machine is comparatively high and the cost for the equipment is high accordingly. The CNC cutting system is equipped to flame cutting machine, which achieves computer controlled cutting process. Though the price for CNC cutting machine is very high, the equipment can decrease the labor cost and enhance the cutting accuracy. So the comprehensive cost for the equipment is lower than the cutting machine without CNC system. The CNC multi head flame cutting machine can realize cutting one point with three cutting heads, which greatly improves the cutting ability and can cut the work piece with the maximum thickness of 200mm. Through installing plasma cutting device, the cutting speed is increased, which reduces the heat affecting area effectively and largely. Meanwhile, the other kind of special cutting machine is also available. Welcome to consult and purchase our cutting machine.

Zhouxiang Group is an experienced cutting machine manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including fiber laser welding machine, box beam overturning machine, horizontal H steel production line, and more.

Other Products
  • H-Beam Steel Production LineFor all parts of H-beam steel appear to be right angle, it has been widely used for its merits of strong bending strength in all direction, simple construction, cost saving and light structural weight. The H-beam steel production line of our company can accomplish the production for H-beam steel with high product quality and precise production process.
  • Heavy Steel Production LineHeavy steel production Line is the enhanced version of H-beam steel production line, which includes many kinds of equipment for manufacturing heavy duty H steel. Heavy duty steel vertical assembling machine has two welding gun, which is used to complete the assembling and welding of heavy duty H steel. Heavy duty overturning and conveying machine is used in conjunction ...
  • Box Beam Production LineThe box beam production line of our company can be capable to complete the production process of box beam well enough. The basic processes such as drilling and milling are carried out by the machines such as ZPZ CNC drilling machine and XBJ edge milling machine. The GD-20 beveling machine is used to cut the corner part of box beam to make the corner with precise size and smooth surface.
  • Welding PositionerThis series of welding positioner has three kinds with tilting, head and tail single rotation and head and tail double rotation. Through the rotation and overturning of the worktable, the work piece can be at the best position for welding or assembling. The rotation of the worktable is achieved through frequency poleless speed-adjusting. The equipment can be matched with the other welding equipment ...
  • Conventional Welding RotatorIt's mainly used for welding, polishing, rubber lining and assembling. Self-aligned welding rotator can achieve self-adjustment according to the size and weight of the work piece. The conventional welding rotator is adjusted by manually adjusting the center span length of rotating wheels. The speed-adjusting mode of the equipment is AC frequency speed-adjusting, which enhances ...
  • Self-aligned Welding RotatorDesigned according to operating requirements of pressure vessel manufacturer, the GLHZ series of self-aligned welding rotator is compliant with JB/T9187-1999 National Standards for Machinery Industry. By absorbing the merits of same product at home and abroad, the equipment of our company features advanced technology, reliable quality and simple operation.
  • Hydraulic Fit Up RollThe hydraulic fit up roll is mainly used to joint the long pipe steel such as the pole of wind tower. It has four independent rolling wheels for the process of fitting up. Through the standard conventional drive, the equipment can be used in conjunction with passive welding rotator.