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LG Inverter Plasma Cutter

The LG inverter plasma cutter adopts arc striking modes of contact or non-contact and takes unique high reliable control technology, which can achieve adjusting cutting current continuously and automatic cutting conveniently. The cut of work piece processed with the equipment is narrow, flat and burr free with no need for secondary process. Featuring light weight and energy saving, the equipment performs excellent in cutting speed, operating cost and durability. The cutting speed of the machine is several times faster than oxygen cutting speed. The operating cost is only one third of oxygen cutting. The accessories consumption is also only one third of the traditional equipment. Due to its outstanding advantages, the LG inverter plasma cutter is very suitable for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum and the alloy material.

Technical Parameters
Model LG-60 LG-100 LG-120
Rated Input Voltage 3-380V 50Hz
Rated Input Capacity 6KVA 11KVA 14KVA
Open Circuit Voltage 260V 280V
Current Regulation Range 20-60A 20-100A 20-120A
Rated Full Load Duration Rate 60%
Cutting Mode Contact Contact/Non-contact
Max. Cutting Thickness 15mm 30mm 42mm
Dimension(L×W×H) 520×260×540 570×305×590
Weight 30kg 43kg 48kg

Zhouxiang Group is a professional inverter plasma cutter manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including air plasma cutter, beveling equipment, pinch type rotator, pipe shot blasting machine, and much more.

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