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  • CNC Multi Head Flame Cutting MachineConstructed with gantry structure, the CNC multi head flame cutting machine is driven by single side or double side. It's the high efficient and high performance automation thermal cutting equipment, combining oxygen gas cutting with computer control and precision mechanism. The CNC oxygen gas cutting torch can cut the plate with any shape.
  • CNC Plasma Cutting MachineIntegrated with the technologies of computer control, precision mechanism and plasma, the CNC plasma cutting machine is the high efficient thermal cutting automation equipment. The CNC oxygen gas cutting torch of the equipment can cut plate with any shape. Featuring wide cutting range, high efficiency and high cutting quality, the equipment can be also used underwater.
  • Desktop Plasma CNC Cutting MachineAs a high speed and precision plasma cutting machine, the desktop plasma CNC cutting machine is driven by double side. The machine orientation system is available to assure the accuracy and precision of cutting. With the working width of 1500mm, maximum working length up to 6000mm and the speed up to 12000mm/min, the equipment is designed with integrated module structure ...
  • Plasma Flame CNC Cutting MachinePlasma flame CNC cutting machine is special CNC equipment for cutting metal pipe automatically. It can conveniently achieve automatic programming and automatic CNC nesting and material discharge processing for any kind of complicated joining type of pipe with pipe or non-pipe. Various kinds of welding grooves can be cut successfully at one time.
  • CNC Plasma Beveling MachineThe CNC plasma beveling machine of our company is the advanced cutting machine in the industries such as shipbuilding and engineering machinery manufacturing. Equipped with rotary fine plasma oxygen gas cutting torch and multi-axis linkage CNC system, the equipment can cut the components with all kinds of complicated bevels.

CNC Cutting Machine

CNC cutting machine achieves cutting process by thermal cutting mode. The gas such as oxygen, ethyne and propane can be employed as combustible gas. The equipment can also introduce plasma device to accomplish the cutting process. The CNC system allows cutting job fulfilled through the computer controlling the equipment, which overcomes the shortages of manual operation leading to error easily and danger happening to operators easily.

The CNC cutting machine of our company mainly includes CNC multi head flame cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, plasma flame CNC cutting machine and other CNC equipments. Every set of CNC equipment has its own features. The CNC multi head flame cutting machine can cut the material with the thickness up to 200mm. With the function of multi cutting heads cutting at the same time available, the equipment is powerful in cutting job. The cutting speed of desktop plasma CNC cutting machine is very high, which can be up to 12000mm/min.It's very suitable for cutting the thin steel plate. Plasma flame CNC cutting machine can achieve flame cutting and plasma cutting. Coming with flexible functions, it can carry out several kinds of cutting job. The size of the guide rail of plasma beveling machine can be customized according to customers' requirements. The equipment can cut the components with any kind of bevels.

Zhouxiang Group is a specialized CNC cutting machine manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides laser cutting machine, three roller rolling machine, U model beam assembling machine, and more.

Other Products
  • Gantry Fiber Laser Cutting Machine High cutting efficiency, good cutting quality, professional for thin plate cutting
    Gantry type double-drive structure ensures the machine speed is matching with the rigidity perfectly.
    The installation of an automatic centralised lubrication system dramatically increases the intelligence level for machine maintenance.
  • Small Gantry Fiber Laser Cutting MachineThis machine is designed with gantry type structure and driven by precision ball screw (or YYG gear and rack from Taiwan) and linear guide rail, thus ensuring the precision of the machine.
    High cutting efficiency, good cutting quality
  • Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine The fiber laser tube cutting machine can cut cylinder intersection lines of the main tube in different directions and different diameters. It can work with and without an eccentric mechanism in the vertical intersection of the branch pipe axis and main pipe axis.
  • Fiber Laser Welding Robot With a compact structure and imported robot system, the fiber laser welding robot can achieve a continuous welding, spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding and arc welding in any space.
    This fiber laser welding robot uses an advanced fiber laser. The optical path is stable and requires no maintenance.
  • Cantilever CO2 Laser Cutting MachineThe Cantilever CO2 Laser Cutting Machine uses a high strength aluminum alloy beam, giving the machine its light weight and excellent performance.
    This laser cutter uses a U axis optical path compensation device, making the processing range of the spot diameter stable.