Desktop Plasma CNC Cutting Machine

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Desktop Plasma CNC Cutting Machine

As a high speed and precision plasma cutting machine, the desktop plasma CNC cutting machine is driven by double side. The machine orientation system is available to assure the accuracy and precision of cutting. With the working width of 1500mm, maximum working length up to 6000mm and the speed up to 12000mm/min, the equipment is designed with integrated module structure, which has the advantages of convenient and fast installation, small force of inertia and flexible movement. It's especially suitable for cutting the plate with the thickness of small and medium size. The central worktable can achieve the maximum cutting depth up to 30mm and has been equipped with smoke extraction system to meet the environmental requirements.

We are a desktop plasma CNC cutting machine manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including submerged arc welder, cross beam assembling machine, CNC multi head flame cutting machine, and more.

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