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Cutting Machine, Steel Equipment Manufacturer

Wuxi Zhouxiang Group Company Ltd. is a metal processing equipment manufacturer located in China. We specialize in the manufacture and export of a broad range of metal processing machinery, including our CNC and laser cutting machines, H-beam steel production line, assistant welding machine, welder, shot blasting equipment, high speed arc spray machine, roller rolling machine, and more. Zhouxiang products are popular for use in chemical machinery, military machinery, shipbuilding, boilers, automobiles, electric power, construction, steel structures, and more.

  • Laser Cutting Machine
  • Laser Cutting MachineThe laser cutting machine of our company features advanced processing mode and technology, high work efficiency, wide range of processable materials but low processing cost and simple operation. Taking usage of xenon lamp as the excitation source, the laser directs the output of high energy density laser beam which focuses on the surface of work piece. Then the irradiated area of the work piece melts and gasifies instantly. Controlled by computer, the cutting is achieved automatically.
    The laser cutting machines with different models differ in design, laser type ...
  • CNC Cutting Machine
  • CNC Cutting Machine CNC cutting machine achieves cutting process by thermal cutting mode. The gas such as oxygen, ethyne and propane can be employed as combustible gas. The equipment can also introduce plasma device to accomplish the cutting process. The CNC system allows cutting job fulfilled through the computer controlling the equipment, which overcomes the shortages of manual operation leading to error easily and danger happening to operators easily.
    The CNC cutting machine of our company mainly includes CNC multi head flame cutting machine ...
  • Heavy Steel Production Line
  • Heavy Steel Production LineHeavy steel production Line is the enhanced version of H-beam steel production line, which includes many kinds of equipment for manufacturing heavy duty H steel. Heavy duty steel vertical assembling machine has two welding gun, which is used to complete the assembling and welding of heavy duty H steel. Heavy duty overturning and conveying machine is used in conjunction with XBH cantilever welding machine, which can achieve automatic steel conveying and overturning in welding process. Thus, it can assure the welding accuracy and precise process of welding heavy duty H steel.
  • H-Beam Steel Production Line
  • H-Beam Steel Production LineFor all parts of H-beam steel appear to be right angle, it has been widely used for its merits of strong bending strength in all direction, simple construction, cost saving and light structural weight. The H-beam steel production line of our company can accomplish the production for H-beam steel with high product quality and precise production process. The multi-head flame strip cutting machine has high working efficiency for it can process several steel plates at the same time. The H-beam assembling, welding and straightening machine is equivalent to three sets ...
  • Conventional Welding Rotator
  • Conventional Welding RotatorThe series of welding rotator mainly includes self-aligned welding rotator and conventional welding rotator. It's mainly used for welding, polishing, rubber lining and assembling. Self-aligned welding rotator can achieve self-adjustment according to the size and weight of the work piece. The conventional welding rotator is adjusted by manually adjusting the center span length of rotating wheels. The speed-adjusting mode of the equipment is AC frequency speed-adjusting, which enhances the reliability of operation. We can also customize the other type welding rotator according to customers' needs.
  • Shot Blasting Equipment
  • Shot Blasting Equipment The shot blasting equipment is mainly used for surface cleaning for steel plate and various kinds of small steel. Through shot blasting and cleaning, the rust, dirt and oxide scale on surface of work piece can be removed to enhance the fatigue strength of the work piece. Then with the surface being clean and nice, the quality of the work piece is also enhanced. The equipment is usually applied for the industries of chemical engineer, welded metal structure and steel products.
    The shot blasting equipment of our company has three models ...
  • Rolling Machine
  • Rolling Machine The plate bending machine is the special equipment for changing the shape of the steel plate through continuous bending at every point. Through the hydraulic oil in hydraulic cylinder acting on the piston, the upper roller can move up and down vertically at the center symmetrical position of the two lower rollers. Through the final drive gear of speed reducer meshing with the gears of the two lower rollers, the two lower rollers can rotate. Thus, the torque comes into being to realize rolling the steel plate.
    The rolling machines of our company are mainly composed of three rollers rolling machine ...

With almost 20 years of experience in the metal processing equipment field, Wuxi Zhouxiang Group continues to grow. The core enterprises of Zhouxiang Group include Wuxi Zhouxiang Complete Set of Welding Equipment Company Ltd. and Wuxi Zhouxiang International Trade Company Ltd. We are a member of the China Steel Structure Association and are a Jiangsu High-Tech Enterprise. With a fixed asset of 150 million CNY, and a production area of 90,000 square meters, our company has grown to employ more than 500 staff members including more than 150 engineers and technicians, and 30 professional and technical personnel. With our many years of experience, our highly skilled staff, and our large production facility, Zhouxiang is ready to meet the metal processing equipment needs of all our clients.

Through continuous research and development both at home and abroad, we have introduced many new technologically-advanced products with high performance and high reliability. In fact, we have applied for over 100 product patents, including over 50 invention patents and more than 20 utility model patents. As a high-tech enterprise with a well-known trademark, Zhouxiang Group offers dozens of products, including our CNC cutting machine, roller rolling machine, arc welder, etc., that are compliant with China Compulsory Certification. In 2000, our company was the first in the industry to pass the ISO9001 International Quality System Certification. Driven by the business philosophy of putting quality and service first, and the goal of maintaining our excellent reputation, we insist on using only the best raw materials for our products. We also utilize more than 20 lines of large precision processing equipment and implement the 5S management model in the manufacturing of our laser cutting equipment, H-beam steel production line, and shot blasting equipment. Our high quality, advanced technology, and convenient location near Shanghai are why our products have been sold throughout China and are exported to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and many other countries and regions around the world.